Hi, I'm Devin.

I'm a humble guy, so saying I am an award winning Graphic designer, Web Developer, blogger, Entrepreneur, Husband, & Christian takes guts. But let's face it, it must be said. I currently live in Glendale, AZ & have my hands in numerous homegrown businesses.


I like variety in life, so I always find myself learning something new or starting a new adventure. From travels, to life changes and even DIY home projects. These are a few of the things I have done.


teardrop trailer and jeep in forest

Family Reunion in our
Teardrop Trailer

4 people in wedding garb

Wedding in Vegas!

families at baseball game

The Weeks Visit

Life Events

dad holding newborn baby

Became a dad!

photo during run

Completed C25k!
(Couch to 5k)

woman getting ultrasound

Taryn is pregnant!

Hand Made

bed frame

Queen Size Bed

guy standing at desk

Standing Desk

house decorated as monster with halloween decor

Halloween Monster House!

About Me

My life is packed full as I balance time spent with my lovely wife Taryn, my daughter Tatum, LDS church service, managing multiple businesses and playing games.

Professional Resume

  • Education: Honors classes throughout K-12
  • Work Experience: Records Clerk at a Police agency
  • Life Experience: Missionary Service in Mexico
  • Work Experience: Teller at a "Big Bank"
  • Education: Some College Courses
  • Currently: Marketing Director at a Phoenix Roofing Company
  • Currently: Managing a Warehouse
  • Currently: Freelance graphic/web design
  • Recently: Turned a hobby into a business venture


sunblock materials logo

Sunblock Materials:


blue mammoth design logo

Blue Mammoth Design:
Owner / Designer


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Jackrabbit Rentals:


I don't write often but when I do, I enjoy it.

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